SEATTLE, Wash. – Nov. 30, 2008 – Cougar Mountain Baking Co., a producer and distributor of premium, all-natural cookies, has been voted as the "Best Prepacked Grocery Store Cookies" by the editorial board of Seattle Magazine.

In a feature titled "The Dessert Cart", published in the November 2008 (Best Desserts) edition of the magazine, a 10 oz. box of Cougar Mountain's Chewy Molasses-Ginger cookies were specifically honored as being the "Best Pre-Packaged Cookies" in the area.

Next to a photo of the cookie, the magazine states, "You can't always get to your favorite bakery, and for that we're grateful to local packaged-cookie maker Cougar Mountain Baking Company for making the best grocery store cookies we know, including a classic ginger molasses that is always chewy and tender."

Asked how Seattle Magazine came up with their assertion, Food and Dining Editor Allison Austin Scheff replied, "We tasted LOTS of cookies and argued about it! Honestly, that's what we did. No reader survey, just lots of calories."

"I'm thrilled to be honored in this way by a first-rate magazine with a long tradition such as Seattle Magazine", said David Saulnier, owner and president of Cougar Mountain Baking Company.  "It definitely helps promote our position of quality in the marketplace and highlights the success of our focused team."

Cougar Mountain Baking Company retails their all-natural, premium cookies in over 500 grocery store locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho & Alaska, in addition to their online store.  Seattle Magazine is published by Tiger Oak Publications, Inc.

For more information about Cougar Mountain Baking Co., call 206-467-5044, or visit For more information about Seattle Magazine contact Allison Austin Scheff at 206-284-1750 or visit



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