Seattle, WA - October 1, 2010 – Cougar Mountain Baking Co., a regional producer of premium, all-natural cookies, has developed a cookie using stout beer as the key ingredient.  As the October 2010 offering for its popular “Flavor of the Month” variety,  Double Chocolate XXXXX Stout cookies are made with Pike Brewing Co.’s award-winning XXXXX Stout beer.  The cookies will be available throughout the month of October in select Northwest grocery stores in addition to the bakery’s online bake shop.

The cocoa-based cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chunks accentuates the flavor profile found in Pike Brewing Co.’s XXXXX Stout, specifically chocolate, molasses, and coffee.  The alcohol bakes out of the cookie, but the flavors found in the beer remain, adding considerable interest to an already tasty cookie.

The combination is not as odd as it might seem.  For years, beer lovers have explored the extraordinary flavors that come from combining malty, craft-brewed beers with fine chocolates and decadent desserts.  In Pike Brewing Co.’s brew pub in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, many desserts are served that feature Stout as a defining ingredient…floats and brownies among them.  The cookies and their distribution beyond the pub, however, is a new combination.
According to David Saulnier, president of Cougar Mountain Baking Co. and creator of the recipe, the cookies strike a delicious, if unusual, balance.  “The subtleties and complexities of this variety will appeal to a great many adventurous eaters whether they are stout beer fans or not.  We wanted to push the envelope in the packaged cookie market and develop something unique.  These cookies stand out from the crowd and hopefully will excite our loyal customers, as well as new ones, and provide them with a memorable food moment.”

Saulnier, who founded Cougar Mountain Baking Co. in 1988, enjoys collaborating with other Northwest companies who share his philosophy of producing high-quality, handcrafted products.  He has been a fan of Pike Brewing Co.’s beers and pub for some time, and the alliance between the two companies seemed a natural fit.

Founded in 1989 by Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, Pike Brewing has obsessively pursued making America’s best beer with a nod to all the best from Europe.  Pike has evolved over the past 21 years from a microbrewery at the La Salle Hotel, to a destination pub, brewery, and beer museum in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  They are a regional leader in the craft brewing market.  Its XXXXX Stout beer features a soft, smooth, and toasty flavor up front, with a distinctive coffee caramel finish.

Cougar Mountain’s Flavor of the Month item has been in existence for 15 years, and the company uses it as a way to experiment with flavors, take advantage of seasonal ingredients, and have fun.  Like all of Cougar Mountain’s cookies, Double Chocolate XXXXX Stout does not contain any hydrogenated oils or Trans fats.  Pike Brewing Co.’s beers, including the delicious XXXXX Stout, are available at their pub as well as in many Northwest grocery stores.

Cougar Mountain Double Chocolate Stout cookies are sold at QFC, Whole Foods, New Seasons, Zupan’s Market, PCC Natural Markets, Market of Choice, Metropolitan Markets, and Town & Country.  The cookies are also available at select Safeways, and Thriftways in the Northwest.


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