Cougar Mountain Baking Company Announces
New Cookie Dough Packaging; Lower Net Weight to Match Competitors

Seattle, WA - January 1, 2013 Cougar Mountain Baking Company has announced the following changes to their retail cookie dough packaging.
Environmentally-Friendly and Visually-Dynamic Packaging Change
To help ring in 2013, we have unveiled new packaging for our retail cookie dough line-up!  The new package is now a completely printed cup and lid, it's brighter, more noticeable, but most importantly it's made of milk-carton-like paperboard material.  It's 100% recyclable anywhere you can recycle a milk carton, which is most places.  Our old tubs/lids were completely plastic and required separate labels.  The old packaging also consisted of more total material and were only recyclable in certain urban areas.  The new package is more like an ice cream cup package; a little taller and a little narrower and it really stands out on grocery shelves.  It is now completely sealed with film on the top, under the lid, instead of the old locking tabs on the plastic lid, making getting to the dough more convenient.

Lower Net Weight, Same Price

Going from an 18 oz to a 15 oz portion and keeping the same price amounts to a price increase.  We understand that.  However, we "raised our price" this way so that we could better compete in the marketplace.  When we first started selling bake-at-home cookie dough in the late 90's, all the national brands were 18 oz, so we followed suit.  Since then, everyone has reduced their net weights at least once, if not more.  Most commercially-available cookie dough is sold in 14 to 15 oz portions.  We haven't raised our price since August, 2008 though we really should have.  All our costs have gone up since then and at the beginning of last year we decided to raise the price.  However, since we were also in the process of designing this new package, we felt it would be better to hold the line on the price in 2012, and come out with the new package and size, keeping the old pricing.  We still use the same recipes and the same great regional sourced ingredients as always.  We hope these changes make sense and that we can count on our customers to understand the need for a per-pound price increase and our switch to a more environmentally-friendly, visually-dynamic dough package.



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