(Available in Washington and NW Oregon only)


Cougar Mountain Baking Company...


a Seattle-based, gourmet cookie company, has built credibility and

 loyal customers based on our quality products and customer service

since 1988. Our fundraising program involves selling 3-pound tubs
of our All-Natural, Premium cookie dough!


"Just Scoop, Bake, and Enjoy!"


Sellers will feel good about a product with a well-known brand

 and reputation for quality…

Supporters get yummy cookie dough at a great price

from a Northwest company…


Your organization gets to keep 50% of the gross sales!

3-pound tubs of Cougar Mountain

Premium Cookie Dough sell for just $17 each.

·  Makes about 4 dozen warm, chewy Cougar Mountain® Cookies.

·  All-Natural. No preservatives. No trans fats. Certified kosher.

·  More available varieties than our grocery retail cookie dough tubs.

·  Freshly made to order and hand-packed.

·  Cookie dough stores well in fridge (3 months) or freezer (12 months).

·  Low minimums for free delivery*. No need to order full cases.

·  50% of gross sales due in payment on delivery day. You keep 50% profit!!

·  All sales materials are provided.

Only Available in Washington and NW Oregon.

*60 tub minimum for free delivery in Seattle.  120 tubs for up to 30 miles. 220 tubs for up to 60 miles.

Call for minimums on 60+ miles.
Less than minimum orders will incur delivery fee agreed to at sign-up, or Pick-Up dough for no charge.

Check out these great varieties…

Regular Varieties:

Original Chocolate Chunk

Oatmeal Raisin Cinnamon

Double Chocolate Hazelnut

Classic Peanut Butter

Chewy Molasses-Ginger

Lemon Cheesecake

All-Butter, Rolled Sugar


Seasonal Varieties:

Pumpkin Cookie Dough (Sep-Dec)

Ballpark Cookie Dough (Jan-Aug)

click to view ingredients and nutritionals for our dough

This program is easy!

·  Simply click to view our Fundraiser Agreement PDF must have adobe reader.

·  Print it out, fill it out, and return it to us by fax, email, or mail.

·  Your sales materials will be delivered to you.

·  Take orders and collect payments.

·  Place your order with us using our End of Sale Totals Sheet.

·  2-3 weeks later, we will deliver your cookie dough at a pre-determined time and place!

·  On delivery day, we will collect payment equal to 50% of total gross sales.

·  Your organization makes a 50% profit right off the top!

·  Once we drop off your order, dough must be refrigerated within 4-to-5 hours.

·  Please have refer or freezer space available for dough that is not picked within that timeframe.

·  Click here for our Fundraiser Tips Sheet

If you have any questions,

contact Christine at (206) 467-5044 ext. 202

or email at christine@cougar-mountain.com



Here's a testimonial from a fundraiser customer...

"Hello!  I would like to tell you about my experience with your cookie dough. I must say that I am pretty good at baking, people rave over my cookies! SO, when my son’s baseball team began selling your cookie dough, I only bought some to help him out. I didn’t have very high expectations for how the cookies would turn out. I figured that they could never taste home made, or even begin to match what I make myself. I also was very skeptical of the fact that the dough was supposed to make four dozen cookies. “Yeah, right”, I thought, “probably four dozen cookies about the size of a quarter!”

However, I am telling you now that I am very impressed with your cookies. They have a very nice texture, flavor, and shape. The dough also made exactly four dozen very generously sized cookies.

In a world where a product’s hype doesn’t always match the reality you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Nanci - Sunnyside, WA


Here's a great article about a successful cookie dough fundraiser

for youth soccer fields on Bainbridge Island...


The most successful fundraising campaign was selling Cougar Mountain cookie dough,

Sachs said. Over four years, BIYSC soccer players raised more than $70,000

selling tubs of cookie dough...



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